Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Face of Fear

Gaia: "Yay! Home."

Gabe: "Indeed. Just lemme check the mail here..."

Gabe: "What. What is this."

Gabe: "Um."

Gabe: "What is going on with these cats?"

Gaia: "I dunno, let's just stand here and make this face at each other for a while."

Gabe: "'Kay."


Gabe: "Oh, that's the problem!"

Gaia: "It's so obvious in hindsight!"

Gabe: "We left the vacuum cleaner out!"


Introducing our newest character, Sucky the Vacuum Cleaner! Together with our magical talking vacuum, we travel the nation, solving mysteries and catching spooks, goblins, and phantoms!

(This is a lie.)

Really though our cats hate the vacuum cleaner so much. It doesn't even have to be on. They just run and hide.

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