About Us

Gabe and Gaia are a couple of crazy kids who just happen to be brother and sister and also maybe space aliens.

Gabe is an artifice of flesh and bone, imbued with many supernatural powers including telekinesis and the ability to communicate with most varieties of nuts (not Brazil nuts though; he doesn't speak Portuguese). He is the patron saint of kittens. Gabe once hugged a unicorn, and is still washing the glitter out of his hair. His is a simple existence, filled with quiet contemplation and deep, painful regret.

Gaia is a force of nature, unbound by the laws of man or beast. The sound of her voice can make angels weep and bring empires to their knees. It's said that a lock of her hair can reverse death itself, but we may never know, as her hair cannot be cut by any mortal blade. She beats up bullies for their lunch money, and once kicked a bear to the moon. There used to be eight days in a week, but Gaia got hungry.