Friday, August 19, 2011

Of Cookies and Blackmail

Gabe: "Gaia! There are only two cookies left in this jar! I am officially calling dibs."
Gaia: "Okay."
Gabe: "I'm going ogre slaying! I still need nine ogre uvulas to complete the quest I got from that coven of tree witches. And there better be cookies here when I get back!"
Gaia: "Okay."
Gabe: "I'm not even kidding! I'll need a post-ogre snack. Do not eat those cookies."

Gaia: "Of course not! I would never eat the cookies while you were away and then blame their disappearance on kobolds and then hide all of the evidence so that you could never be 100% sure it was me."

Gabe: "I'm serious, Gaia. If you eat those cookies... I will reveal your dark, dark secret. I will reveal it to everyone."

Hmmm. There's no way he could know my secret... or is there?
Urgh... I can't read his expression at all...

His poker face is just too good!

 Gabe: "Okay, I'm off. Remember; dark secrets. Dark. Secrets."
Gaia: "Yeah... yeah... bye."

Gaia: "Okay, the coast's clear."
Gaia: "No, our secret is safe. For now."

Gaia: "Yes, we can still proceed with our plans. Everything will continue on schedule... And no, we're all out of stale bread. Stop asking."


Fun game! Draw your own silly faces over Gabe's poker face, and let us see the results.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Bakening: Cookiegeddon

Today, we are going to bake cookies! Because cookies are rad!

First! Butter! And only butter. None of that margarine nonsense. Nosirree bob.

Sugar! In white and brown!

Gabe: "Okay, Gaia! You add the eggs and start mixing it up! I'll go get out the flour and baking soda and stuff."

Okay, Gaia. You can do this. It's just an egg. It isn't that hard.

Just have to... careful...

... and just crack the egg...



Gaia: "Hmm... I think... I think I see a crack! Just a few more hits like that, and this egg will be at mercy!"

Gaia: "Hmm...  maybe a few more..."
Gabe: "What's this? Why isn't that egg broken yet!?"
Gaia: "This isn't an eggxact science, Gabe! It's an art form!"
Gabe: "...Really. Hand the egg over."

Gabe: "Boop."

Gabe: "Boop. See? Easy as that."

Gaia: "Whaaaaaaa? How did you do that? Are you a witch?"
Gabe: "Don't be ridiculous. Now go sift the dry ingredients together while I finish up here."

Gabe: "Ovum, praecipio tibi frangere absque..."
Gaia: "Did you say something?"
Gabe: "Nope."

After mixing together all of your ingredients and spooning them onto a pan, put 'em in the oven!
Now you're done! Let 'em cool, and share them with your friends!

...Or, you know. Not.


If you're curious, my favorite cookie recipe I've discovered thus far is this one, with some slight modifications. Halve the recipe, for starters. Oh, and I like using different kinds of pudding mix. Pistachio is good, and so are fudge and banana. The best, though, is Cookies 'N' Cream. It's just great! Also, I add a small splash of water to the mix to make the cookies softer (mine come out ever-so-slightly crunchy otherwise, which is fine too). For some reason, mine don't spread as much as the ones in that Instructable, but just stay in little lumps. Which is how I prefer them, anyway.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Eye of the Kitty

Gabe: "Cat! You are getting pretty chubby. Being overweight could carry with it serious health risks! But don't worry, we're going to fix you!"

Gabe: "Perhaps I didn't phrase that very well."
Gaia: "What he meant to say was that we're going to put you on a diet and give you plenty of exercise!"

Gabe: "Good enthusiasm."

Gabe: "Okay, let's see how much weight we've taken off!"
Gaia: "According to this... exactly zero pounds."
Gabe: "What!? Seriously?"
Gaia: "I guess we'll just have to keep trying! Being healthy requires persistence and--"
Gabe: "Nah. This was pretty amusing, but I'm bored with it now. Let's go watch TV instead. Cat, you can go back to your usual routine of laying around between bouts of stuffing your face."


...Okay she's not that fat, it just seems like it when compared to our other cat, who is incredibly wiry, despite the fact that they eat roughly the same amount.