Friday, August 19, 2011

Of Cookies and Blackmail

Gabe: "Gaia! There are only two cookies left in this jar! I am officially calling dibs."
Gaia: "Okay."
Gabe: "I'm going ogre slaying! I still need nine ogre uvulas to complete the quest I got from that coven of tree witches. And there better be cookies here when I get back!"
Gaia: "Okay."
Gabe: "I'm not even kidding! I'll need a post-ogre snack. Do not eat those cookies."

Gaia: "Of course not! I would never eat the cookies while you were away and then blame their disappearance on kobolds and then hide all of the evidence so that you could never be 100% sure it was me."

Gabe: "I'm serious, Gaia. If you eat those cookies... I will reveal your dark, dark secret. I will reveal it to everyone."

Hmmm. There's no way he could know my secret... or is there?
Urgh... I can't read his expression at all...

His poker face is just too good!

 Gabe: "Okay, I'm off. Remember; dark secrets. Dark. Secrets."
Gaia: "Yeah... yeah... bye."

Gaia: "Okay, the coast's clear."
Gaia: "No, our secret is safe. For now."

Gaia: "Yes, we can still proceed with our plans. Everything will continue on schedule... And no, we're all out of stale bread. Stop asking."


Fun game! Draw your own silly faces over Gabe's poker face, and let us see the results.



  2. Thank you for commenting! You are our first commenter. Awesome!

    Also, that is almost exactly the face I make when encountered with some of Gaia's weirdnesses. Which is often.

  3. ahgaehgkahekghaflghd

    This is what happens... when my artist is too busy to work on an update.

  4. Attack Gaia with the Poker-Face of "Mighty-Doomfulness"!!
    It always works! xD