Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Bakening: Cookiegeddon

Today, we are going to bake cookies! Because cookies are rad!

First! Butter! And only butter. None of that margarine nonsense. Nosirree bob.

Sugar! In white and brown!

Gabe: "Okay, Gaia! You add the eggs and start mixing it up! I'll go get out the flour and baking soda and stuff."

Okay, Gaia. You can do this. It's just an egg. It isn't that hard.

Just have to...

...be careful...

... and just crack the egg...



Gaia: "Hmm... I think... I think I see a crack! Just a few more hits like that, and this egg will be at mercy!"

Gaia: "Hmm...  maybe a few more..."
Gabe: "What's this? Why isn't that egg broken yet!?"
Gaia: "This isn't an eggxact science, Gabe! It's an art form!"
Gabe: "...Really. Hand the egg over."

Gabe: "Boop."

Gabe: "Boop. See? Easy as that."

Gaia: "Whaaaaaaa? How did you do that? Are you a witch?"
Gabe: "Don't be ridiculous. Now go sift the dry ingredients together while I finish up here."

Gabe: "Ovum, praecipio tibi frangere absque..."
Gaia: "Did you say something?"
Gabe: "Nope."

After mixing together all of your ingredients and spooning them onto a pan, put 'em in the oven!
Now you're done! Let 'em cool, and share them with your friends!

...Or, you know. Not.


If you're curious, my favorite cookie recipe I've discovered thus far is this one, with some slight modifications. Halve the recipe, for starters. Oh, and I like using different kinds of pudding mix. Pistachio is good, and so are fudge and banana. The best, though, is Cookies 'N' Cream. It's just great! Also, I add a small splash of water to the mix to make the cookies softer (mine come out ever-so-slightly crunchy otherwise, which is fine too). For some reason, mine don't spread as much as the ones in that Instructable, but just stay in little lumps. Which is how I prefer them, anyway.

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