Thursday, July 28, 2011

The adventure begins...

Gabe: "Omigod Gaia I had the best idea! We should do a blog!"

Gaia: "Why? We've never done anything even slightly important or even interesting."

Gabe: "That doesn't matter! We'll just make stuff up! That's what everyone does!"

Gaia: "I don't know..."

Gabe: "Well it's too late. We're doing it! We're blogging right now!"

Gaia: "Really?"

Gabe: "Yes! Quick, strike a pose!"


Gaia does art. Gabe does, like, writing and stuff. Also scribbles.
Together, they fight against the forces of evil.


Gabe: "...Wheeeeelp. That blew up our house."

Gaia: "In retrospect, that was kind of far to go for a one-off gag like that."

Gabe: "Yep. So... what now?"

So now we live in a cave!
The cave has Wi-Fi.

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